7: What

All that this proves is an absence of order.
Time-space is probably flat. It is also posited to be more like a tree whose branches propel out infinitely. Bubble theory asserts that many universes exist alongside one another. Pulsating stillness is all that lies between. Like the phenomenal quality of the nothing that sleeps in a breath of air. The wave function is the totality of all the potential states of a quantum object. In cosmic patches each life, each particle, is replicated interminably. Constellations and star systems and nebulas knitted together with hours and minutes and seconds. Patches that exist closely repel each-other like magnets. Evidence for parallel universes was claimed to have been found within the vision of a floating city above China but, generally, the concept of parallel universes is condemned by most scientists to be merely pseudo-science. The word multiverse was originally intended to indicate an absence of order.


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