14: Who Part 1

( part of a longer piece I wrote about robots… don’t even ask where I got this idea, my seminar tutor was like “your mind is pretty weird)

Imagine a cardboard box that you are only able to see in two dimensions. It’s still a box because it has all of the correct properties and it takes up exactly the right amount of space on the rigidly squared paper. It just looks nothing like one because it’s flat. I remember in primary school trying to comprehend how this could be the same thing.

Imagine that time is a fourth dimension, pervading all we do, and yet we cannot see it because we do not have the capacity with our paper vision. With this understanding, all of time exists in a single moment- minutes collecting into the next and forming a block, like a wall, that exists everywhere at once. So when we exist in once place, do we really exist where we think we do?

My earliest memory is sitting on a floral sofa. I’m not actually certain of the colour because earliest memories are almost always black and white but I was watching my friend eat her birthday cake.

All of this is sort of irrelevant if time exists all at once because my perception of memories comes only from the fact that I am incapable of perceiving time as it really is. Really, we should consider that anything that has happened or will happen is happening now.

Robots probably don’t have memories. Increasingly, they are being programmed to be able to remember and learn from their mistakes in order to make them more desirable and useful than other objects. Yet they still probably do not imagine birthday cakes and big windows and their Mother’s laughter.
For one thing, robots do not have Mothers.



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